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Sister Aimee


This is an inspirational biography of perhaps the most charismatic and controversial woman in modern religious history. Aimee Semple McPherson was consecrated to God, before she was born, by her mother, a soldier of the Salvation Army. Aimee was a scamp in school, a young widow in China, and a neurotic housewife in Rhode Island. But when the Lord spoke to her as she was at death’s door, she accepted her ministry. She preached throughout the United States—in tents, concert halls, boxing rings, and speakeasies, and prayed for the healing of hundreds of thousands of people and founded a Church.
Epstein presents the evidence, offers nonreligious explanations, and points out shortcomings. He also shares about the covert friendship with atheist Charlie Chaplin who advised her on set designs and her kind words to a teenaged Anthony Quinn, who played saxophone in the Angelus Temple band.

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