Foundations of Pentecostal Theology Revised & Updated, Volume 1


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This textbook is an introduction to the Christian faith from a Pentecostal perspective. In its pages, you’ll find thorough studies of the fundamental doctrines of the Christian church presented not as a theory, but as teachings to be believed and practiced. Doctrines such as divine healing, the baptism with the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts are given extensive treatment.


Foundation of Pentecostal Theology has served as a primary doctrine book for numerous denominations, Bible colleges, mission schools, churches and pastors since its publication in 1983. In 2011, a thoughtful and prayerful revision and updating were undertaken to clarify the language of the original text. The goal was not to alter its doctrinal truths but rather to highlight, bolster and expand upon those truths. There was also a sincere desire to give Doctors Duffield and Van Cleave a fresh voice to speak to a new generation.


This book provides an unmatched resource for all who seek to know sound doctrine and desire to see that doctrine worked out in the realities of life and ministry.

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Guy P. Duffield, Nathaniel M. Van Cleave