Study Guide: Foundation of Pentecostal Theology Revised & Updated Volume 1


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One of the greatest needs in the church around the world is for a deeper understanding of the doctrines of our faith. Far too many people have been led to Christ but never taught the foundational truths of the Bible. Br. Guy P. Duffield and Dr. Nathaniel M Van Cleave wrote Foundations of Pentecostal Theology to help meet that need. The text is written in clear, understandable language and can be used to introduce new believers to these truths or serve as a textbook for systematic theology courses in seminaries, Bible colleges, church institutes or Bible classes.


This study guide provides a series of questions designed to guide the reader toward many but certainly not all, of the most important ideas presented by Drs. Duffield and Van Cleave. The questions follow the structure of the book, chapter by chapter and section by section. Page numbers are noted beside each question to direct the student to the answer provided by the authors. This allows the student to place the study guide beside himself or herself while reading the textbook. It also assists teachers who wish to refer to a question during a discussion in the classroom. Hopefully, these questions will stimulate much discussion and provoke further research on topics of special interest.

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